7 Simple Lessons To Make You A Champion Entrepreneur

I know that you want to succeed in business. I want to help you learn the lessons my father taught me about life that made him a world champion kickboxer. You can take these simple lessons and motivate yourself to go for the gold in business.

Lesson One: You Must Have Self Control

Much of becoming a world champion kickboxer is not dertmined by what happens in the ring. Rather, becoming a world champion kickboxer is the result of how one trains outside the ring.

Often, the one training excersise that mattered most in kickboxing was running. My father would take me on runs that were miles long. Our goal was normally some hill in the middle of the New Mexico desert.

Being a child, I normally started the run very fast, only to get tired in a short amount of time. He would tell me something like, “You need to pace yourself.” Or, “This isn’t a sprint.”

I learned that pacing myself and controling myself, though hard, was always more beneficial. My leg muscles would not burn as much and I would make better time when I had self control.

The lesson that we can learn is this, we need to control how we operate and realize we are in this life for the long haul. Whether it’s business or life, we need to control our strengths and learn to pace ourselves to reach the top of the hill

Lesson Two: You Must Have A Purpose Beyond Yourself

One of the greatest things I loved doing when growing up was play fighting with my cousins. My father would setup a little tournament in our living room and let us fight for a trophy. Boys being boys.

The greatest feeling I had was winning a tournament like my father. Yes, the trophy was great, but knowing that I was like my father and that I made him proud was even greater.

A few years later, my father would go on to win the North American Muay Thai title. I remember sitting in the front row as my father knocked out his opponent. Upon winning, the first thing my father did was bring me in to the ring and lift me up as I lifted up his title belt.

The look of joy my father had was indescribable. He was not fighting for the belt or trophy, he was fighting to WIN because I was on the front row.

His motivation was internal, not external. There was drive deep within that his opponent didn’t have. Let me ask you this, why do you want to succeed? Money and wealth will come and go. You must have an internal “WHY” that drives you to keep on fighting in life and business.

Lesson Three: You Must Go The Extra Round If You Want To Win

My first fight was when I was in middle school. I was scheduled to fight another young man that had five fights. This was my first fight, and I was scared.

As mentioned, the making of a champion is outside the ring, so I trained a LOT. In fact, my fight was to be three rounds, but my father would spar with me for ten rounds.

His thought process was that I needed to go above and beyond to win. My opponent, though experienced, was most likely training for a max of five rounds. I was training for ten.

Simply put, I would spar (practice fight) for ten rounds straight. Each round was three minutes long with a 30-45 second break between them. My father taught me that I needed to go the extra rounds so that I would not get tired in the fight.

Thankfully, I listened. I trained longer than my scheduled match and won by way of decision.

From this lesson, we find that going the extra round makes the difference between those who have endurance and those who quit. My question for you is, are you willing to go the extra round to be a winner?

Lesson Four: You Must Show Up

When training for a fight, my father would stop working. He had a business as a tile setter, so he was able to stop working when he had to train.

Often, during his training, he would literally do hundreds of pushups and situps. Often, he would have worked out and ran several miles before he even showed up to the gym to train with his Shifu.

He would even run to the gym…
5 miles one way!

Even when he was not preparing for a fight, he would still work out. He always “showed up” to work out, both at home and in the gym.

I learned that the being a champion is not in the ring, but in the building of an individual on a daily basis. Sure, there were people with skill that had their 15 minutes of fame. But real champions are consistent and do what is needed on a daily basis in order to win.

What are you doing on a daily basis that is building your life, family, or business?

Lesson Five: You Must Have Battles

My father had the opportunity to travel to Tokyo Japan on several occasions. He went a total of four times. The first three times he went, it was in an attempt to win the WKKA World Title.

He lost the first two times to the same opponent.

It was on his third attempt for the title that he won. Most people would have quit fighting the same guy, but my father didn’t. The amazing thing is that my father had a level of respect for his opponent. He did not count him as an enemy, but as a challenge to overcome.

So often in our attempt to reach new heights in life and business, we look at our problems as enemies. They are not enemies, just battles, that if handled properly will be a victory one day.

Another thought to consider is that a title belt is worth nothing if it was easy to obtain. Therefore, the battle and it’s challenge make the victory that much better. When looking at your challenges, just know, if it were easy, everybody would be doing it. You are raising to the top, and there will be challenges. Learn to appreciate them so you can appreciate your victory.

Lesson Six: You Must Be Humble

After losing to the same opponent two times, my father learned about himself and his limits as a man. Yes, my father was a great fighter. Yes, he trained for hundreds of hours. Yes, he was amazing, but he was still a man.

He always taught me not to be full of ego. His statement was always, “Don’t think your baddest, because there is always someone else that can knock you out.”

I saw this in his life. He didn’t like people who showed off or people that were full of themselves. He always thought someone should show them up. With that thought, my father also knew that if he had that haughty attitude, then someone else would prove him wrong.

Let me also mention, he had already won several title belts when he made such statements. He knew that one day, someone else could take the title from him. Therefore, he was never full of himself or his ego.

Let me ask you this, are you humble? Or are you full of ego? There is a difference in understanding your capabilities and showing off your capabilities. Having ego and understanding yourself are two different things. Please don’t be a person that is so full of himself that no one whats to be around you.

Lesson Seven: You Must Never Quit

My father had a very good fighting record (I will have his stats up soon). From what I recall, he only lost about 5 out of 40ish fights as a professional kickboxer. With all that you have read about him and his humility, he was still very set on winning. When I started fighting in the ring like him, he made a statement that I never forgot:

The only way you are going to lose is if he knocks you out first.

He had such a level of confidence, that he assumed his victory and the only way to lose was to be knocked out. It’s no wonder he achieved as much as he did. He had a winning attitude.

Yes, he did have a few loses, but his wins out weighted them. He had a mind set on victory, which did not let him quit.

Can I encourage you? You are not dead! Your still alive. You have not been knocked out of this thing we call life. Therefore, keep going! Keep going in life, family, and business. Don’t quit. Too many loving people are depending upon you.

He also used to say, “it’s not over until it’s over.” If you are reading this, you can be a champion in business & life. I believe that Almighty God has a plan for you, and by reading this, you are becoming the champion and finisher you were created to be.

Keep Going, Don’t Quit!

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