Why Do You Want To Succeed In Online Business?

If you don’t know why, then what you do doesn’t matter.

Do you look at the internet as a way to end your financial distress? Do you have no money at the end of the month? Are you tired of the overwhelm?

Do these questions relate to you? If so, then we are in the same boat, because I have been there. I have the same struggles as you do. I use the internet as a means to provide for my family.

Often, it seems like the stress will never end. It seems like the overwhelm is unbearable. We want to quit, but we can’t.

There is something inside our hearts that tells us to keep trying!

In studying books on entrepreneurship and comparing the victories of my world champion kickboxer father, I have found that the drive to win is more than just the actual prize or financial gain. Things like money, cars, fancy food, houses, or electronics come and go. They are the result of winning, but they are not the real prize.

If all you focus on is the result of the prize, then you will burn out when times get rough. This is why you need a “why” for your online business.

Simply put, a “why” is an internal reason why you must succeed. It is not based on this physical world. Rather, there is an emotional or spiritual drive that causes you to seek success.

So, why do you really want to succeed?

Here is my “why”

I am tired of being tired!

I am tired of being a bad example of a provider for my family. I am tired of a half decent home when my precious wife deserves better. I am tired of telling my children, “no”, for simple things like a Happy Meal or Baskin Robins treat.

Simply put, I feel like a horrible husband. I feel like a bad father. I feel like I have let my family down. I feel like the financial world has pushed me around, taking advantage of me. I am tired of being pushed, I am going to push back for the sake of my family.

Why do I want to succeed in online business? Because my family deserves better. Love for my family is what keeps me going. They are my “why.”

So, why do you want to succeed?

As the “Rich Dad” taught Robert Kiyosaki, you will be pushed or you will push back.

What are you going to do and why?



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